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How to Order a Customized Basketball Bobblehead A custom basketball bobblehead is certainly a nice souvenir to have or order for a dear one that’s also a true fan of the game. Since you’re going for a custom sports figurine, there’s need for the creator to pay attention to detail and capture your enthusiasm exactly as reflected in the specifications and photo you provide. Below is the process for buying a basketball bobblehead that’s fully personalized to your requirements: Find Your Model
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To create a statuette that carries deep meaning, you start with figuring out the ideal model that’s a reflection your thoughts. Do you know someone that means anything to you, and on the basis of whom you want to create your custom bobblehead? When you’re buying the small sculpture to offer as a present to a mate, it helps to consider their personal tastes so as to create a relevant piece for them.
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Obtain an Image If you’ve figured out how you wish your statuette to look like, you may proceed and get a photo that’s indicative of the same. Because the most distinguishing characteristic of the individual for whom you’re making the doll is the face, it helps to capture a great front view in the image. It’s vital that you supply a high-resolution image to the sculptor since you require them to create a statuette that looks exactly like it in great detail. Evaluate Available Design Specifications Once you browse to the creator’s site, you’ll be offered a form to enter any special design preferences not so obvious in the image you submitted. Don’t be hasty with the settings as they influence how personalized the outcome will be. As you go through design options for personalization, there will be plenty of options, for instance (hair color (brown, dark, blonder, etc), color of eyes (brown, gray, green, etc), facial appearance, wear, and posture. Also, consider the size of the figurine in terms of inches. What’s your color choice for the base, and is there preference for writings on or under the base? Any need for tattoos, insignia, or writings on t-shirt? Send Your Set Up Specifications Send the personalized specifications for your basketball doll to the maker through their website when you’re done with the selection. Normally, handcrafting the dolls involves several phases, and engagements between the customer and sculptor continue until such a time when the customer is pleased with the final design. Yet, it helps to inquire about the possibility of making some design changes after sending the original settings. There are many ways to have your customized basketball bobblehead designed. Hopefully, you can follow the steps above when you wish to order your custom doll now.