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Teeth Whitening Procedures

A smile is something that someone notices about you and it may be good to find them look brighter and whiter with teeth whitening creams and others. Teeth whitening restores the teeth to their natural color, and bleaching whitens teeth beyond the natural color. there are professional and home procedures for helping you out when you want to get your teeth whitened.

The primary teeth found in children are whiter and brighter than adult teeth. The reason why teeth change color is that the mineral structure in the teeth changes and also the enamel becomes less porus. There are some things that may accelerate teath discoloration such as dark colored teeth, antibiotic medicines, acidic foods, tobacco as well as bacterial pigments among others cause teeth discoloration.
Two types of teeth stains are extrinsic, meaning the stains on the surface of the teeth, and intrinsic stains, which are stains within the tooth structure that are caused by trauma, aging, or exposure to tetracycline or excessive fluoride as a child. As one ages the enamel becomes more porus and as a result makes the microscopic cracks to be filled with debris and cracks.

This kind of procedure is done by doctors in their offices using laser light, washes as well as combination of other procedures. The doctor examines your teeth while cleaning them and discusses the color to be achieved. The doctor paint the teeth with hardening resin in order to protect it from bleaching as well as inseting a cheek retractor.The hardening gel is rinsed off after 30 minutes and another gel applied. In order to enhance the bleaching gels, intense laser light is used. The cost on an average is $650 per treatment.
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The dentist supplied whiteners come in different types and methods such as whitening strips, toothpaste, bleaching pens, and mainly contain hydrogen peroxide or carbarnide peroxide. Most over-the-counter whitening toothpaste include minor abrasives, which scrub stains from the enamel. The products described above are not as effective as in office procedures unless they are used repeatedly for longer periods.
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Certain vegetables and fruits act as natural bleaching agents that help in removing stains. The baking soda may be used as a mild abrasive to scrub out the stains.

The primary risk to your teeth from whitening is damage to the enamel. A damaged tooth enamel will expose the teeth and then cause increased sensitivity.

You should not have your teeth whitened if you are pregnant or nursing, due to the risk of ingesting peroxide. While undertaking the teeth whitening procedure, it is good to have realistic expectations.