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Understanding Various Aspects of Female Urinary Tract Diseases Infections of the urinary tract are what are refereed as urinary tract infections It can affect any gender, but research shows that it is more common in women than in men. It is always important to understand various aspects of UTIs including their symptoms, what causes them, their prevention and how to treat them. Various dimensions of urinary tract infections are discussed below: Urinary tract infection causes Germs causes urinary tract infections and spreads from the urethra up to the bladder, causing bladder diseases. The bacteria can be eliminated through natural means by the body, but if they are large in number they lead to serious illness. The infections need to be treated early, or else it will lead to serious kidney diseases.
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Why are female likely to contract UTIs?
6 Facts About Wellness Everyone Thinks Are True
The Reason why women are more prone to UTIs is that their urethra is shorter and located near to the anus. Moreover, sexual activities, menopause and the use of diaphragm to control birth are some of the other factors that increase chance of women contracting UTIs. UTIs symptoms Bad urine smell, pain when urinating, bad urine smell, lower abdomen pain and strong and frequent desire to urinate are some of the symptoms of UTIs. What increases chances of contracting UTIs Infections of the prostate raises chances of getting infected. Another factor is a blockage in the urinary passage which could be caused a by a stone in the bladder or the kidney. A woman sex partner can also infect her with UTIs. Illnesses that occur for a long time such as HIV or diabetes can also raise chances of getting UTIs. Another factor that can make you vulnerable to this infections is the strength of your immune system. Tips to lower chances of contracting UTIs Eating a lot of fruits, avoiding sugary diet, keeping off from alcohol and washing up after sex are some tips to help you reduces chances to contracting urinary tract infections. How to Cure Urinary infections There are readily available treatments for UTI. Proper care and early diagnosis can easily treat this infections. But you should not neglect any sign of this infection which could become more harmful requiring serious treatment. UTI is a common disease that can easily be prevented and treated. UTIs are treated by the use of antibiotics but if there are recurring UTIs, D-mannose and home replacement can be used to reduce the infection. Women need to be more cautious as they are likely to get infected with this diseases. Men should also be cautious as the disease doesn’t discriminate other people.