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Smoking Your Way to Cancer

Since the year 1992, hundreds of thousands of Americans have died from lung cancer, a terrible ailment which results from smoking. Of these numbers, about ninety percent is caused by cigarette smoking. There would be a significant decrease in the annual death rate if deaths cause by lung cancers were completely eliminated.

Despite the warnings of Surgeon General on the health risks of smoking cigarettes for more than 5 decades, millions of Americans have ignore this warning and have continued to light up. More and more, the association between smoking and cancer has continued to increase. It has been scientifically and medically proven that smoking does cause lung cancer. It also increases the chances of developing the cancers of the pharynx, bladder, pancreas, kidney, esophagus, oral cavity, larynx and even cervical cancer.

From this we can see that the risk of developing any of these diseases is related to the … Read More